Layered Cakes

Yesterday was Nicole’s birthday. Apparently she only likes yellow cake with chocolate frosting. So I put my creativity to the test and whipped up a three layer cake. Previously I had only made a two layer cake where the layers were the same size. My aunt bakes quite a bit and had a bunch of different sized pans so I got ready for a new adventure.

1 box yellow cake mix
milk, oil, and eggs called for on the box
1 can chocolate frosting
1/2 T milk
fun sprinkles
birthday candles
butter knife
straight edge knife
7-1/2″ round cake pan
5″ round cake pan
3″ round cake pan

Make cake mix as directed on box. Spray pans with nonstick spray and dust with flour. Pour to same height in each pan. Each sized pan takes different times to finish baking. The 3″ pan was around 20 minutes. The other two weren’t long after that. Remove from oven and let cool. Carefully flip upside down and remove from pans when cooled. Sometimes you can leave them upside down on a cookie rack and leave them until they come out themselves. I had to shake mine a bit after cutting around the edge with a butter knife.

Use a straight edged to level the tops of each cake.

Add 1/2 T of milk to the can of frosting and stir well. This makes it easier to get a smooth frost without cake crumbs in it. Put the largest cake on the plate it will be served on and frost.

Stack the middle cake on top and frost. Use extra frosting to smooth one cake into the next. Do the same with the top layer. Use the butter knife that you used to frost the cake and dip in water. Smooth the frosting with the watered knife. Repeat when the frosting begins to stick to the knife. This technique will give the cake a glossy look. Add fun sprinkles to the cake, stick in some birthday candles (22 for my cake!) and you’re ready to go! Store in the refrigerator.

After dripping wax all over to light the candles…

Smiles from the birthday girl!

Major lung power needed for all those candles!

Excitement through the smoky haze at having blown them all out at once!




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2 responses to “Layered Cakes

  1. Nicole

    YAY!!! My housemates all dug into it after I got home. Forks for everyone!!! They loved it! 🙂

    • luvmyapron

      Hahaha, I’m so glad you had some more friends to share it with! 🙂 I figured that would be the case….another reason why YOU needed to take it home and not let me keep it!

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