Hawaiian Chicken Wrap

Got home from work late and was quite hungry. The handful of grape tomatoes and almonds I had earlier had worn off a long time ago. I wanted something fast and looked in the fridge to see I had finished my leftovers. Darn it! I noticed a couple whole wheat tortillas and figured a wrap was in order. Usually I throw on some sandwich meat, mustard, cheese, and lettuce but I was tired of that mix. I grabbed a couple pieces of frozen chicken breast strips from the freezer, threw them on the stove over medium heat and covered them with hawaiian marinade. I let that cook while I washed and sliced some tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers and warmed the tortilla in the toaster oven. Threw it together and wrapped it up. Deliciousness to my taste buds. And easy to boot!


1 whole wheat tortilla

3 thin slices of cucumber

3 grape tomatoes quartered

1 small leaf of lettuce

2 strips of chicken breast

hawaiian marinade, enough to cover chicken

Cook chicken and marinade over medium-low heat until no longer pink inside. Heat whole wheat tortilla in toaster oven until warm and flexible. Pile on veggies and cooked chicken in the center. Fold up one end, roll from one side to the other. Enjoy!


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