Mixed and Melted Crayons

So this isn’t food like the rest of my blog is, but it is baking so I think I can still put it on my blog. I had some school crayons that needed to be returned because their tops were broken off, but the crayons melted in my car before I got to the store! (Can you say warm weather in Cali??) I was about to throw them away when I remembered what my mom used to do with our broken crayons that we didn’t use anymore. She would melt them together in muffin cups and make lumps of crayon that were always a surprise to color with because you never 100% knew what you would get when you colored! It’s fairly simple to do. I’m probably going to give these out at the end of my kindergartners’ first week of school.


Melted crayons ready for a makeover!


Using a knife, slice the crayon from one end to the other, deep enough just to peel the paper off easily. Then lay four crayons in a row and chop them into pieces.

Make sure you mix them up!


Scoop up mixed, broken crayons into lined muffin cups. I used mini muffin cups, but it will work with large ones too!

I recommend only using washable crayons unless you have some old, old pans.


Put them in the oven for 230 degrees for 15-20 minutes or until they’re melted to liquid and you don’t see any chunks.

Take them out to cool completely.


Take them out of the muffin pans, peel off the paper, and break off the rough edge at the top.

Viola! A new type of art!


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